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Cobwebs Launches Web Investigation Platform to Corporate Security Market

Market leading web intelligence company Cobwebs Technologies (Cobwebs) has launched the only available, fully automated web investigation platform capable of unified identity resolution to the corporate security market. The law enforcement grade platform’s AI and machine learning (ML)-powered algorithms’ ability to extract targeted intelligence from the web’s big data and deliver trustworthy threat intelligence is unprecedented.

“Currently, corporate security teams have limited investigative, threat intelligence and detection capabilities because many use disparate systems only capable of monitoring the surface web. Some still use time-consuming and error-prone manual investigative processes. Cobwebs makes these outdated processes redundant,” explains Johnmichael O’Hare, sales and business development director at Cobwebs Technologies. “Cobwebs allows corporate security teams to bridge the digital and physical world with its ability to deanonymize threat actors anywhere. No one else has this capability. Our technology is already battle-proven and used by law enforcement agencies and homeland security departments around the world.”

The Cobwebs web investigation platform works similarly to a search engine. An analyst enters their search terms and the platform conducts wide and deep threat monitoring across the web. When something suspicious is found, the platform moves into the web investigation phase. Here it not only locates and analyses the activities of threat actors in a myriad of digital and social media channels across the open, deep and dark web, but it also proactively thwarts their planning and activities with precision. The process seamlessly culminates in the deanonymization and confirmation of the nefarious individual’s identity irrespective of their online or global location. The threat actor’s identity together with threat intelligence data relevant to the search terms is then displayed on an intuitive dashboard. Throughout the entire investigative process, the corporate security analyst’s identity is masked and secured via Cobweb’s secured browsing tool.

Cobwebs strengthens the risk profiles of companies using the platform and delivers true threat intelligence. “Our platform will give the teams and departments responsible for protecting some of America’s most important businesses the investigative capabilities they need to enhance their field intelligence with actionable and trustworthy data. This allows them to manage their internal and external risks, and cyber threats, protect their bottom line, and boost their situational awareness. Company employees, digital and physical assets, and intellectual property remain protected,” adds O’Hare.

From a privacy perspective, the platform is only able to locate information already in place on the surface, deep or dark web. All corporate security teams using Cobwebs Technologies have their own internal user protocols and oversight that govern the appropriate use of the technology. Cobwebs provides the web intelligence platform, trains corporate security teams on how to use it, and provides after-sales support to all clients. It does not carry out investigations on behalf of clients.

Recently, Cobwebs was awarded the 2020 Technology Innovation Leadership Award accolade by Frost & Sullivan, a leader in global research and consulting solutions. The company has established offices in New York, San Diego, Mexico, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, and New Delhi.

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