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Catherine Clinch Starts New Position at AtkinsRéalis

Catherine Clinch has assumed the role of Vice President, Federal Section Manager within the Infrastructure Solutions Business Unit at AtkinsRéalis, marking a significant milestone in her distinguished career. With her extensive experience spanning over three decades in federal, state, local, and private industry consulting, Ms. Clinch brings a wealth of expertise to her new position.

In her capacity as Federal Sector Manager, Ms. Clinch will lead AtkinsRéalis’ efforts in delivering comprehensive engineering and consulting services to a diverse range of clients in the federal marketplace. This includes providing support to various branches of the Armed Forces and multiple Civilian Agencies, ensuring the highest standards of quality and excellence in infrastructure solutions.

Ms. Clinch’s remarkable career journey includes nine years of dedicated service at Atkins, where she has consistently demonstrated her leadership capabilities and deep understanding of the federal sector’s intricacies. Prior to joining AtkinsRéalis, Ms. Clinch held the prestigious position of Vice President at URS Corporation for over 25 years, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s strategic direction and driving its success.

With her proven track record of leadership and her unparalleled expertise in architecture, engineering, response, resilience, contingency operations, and consulting. Her appointment underscores the company’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service to its federal clients, further solidifying its position as a leader in the infrastructure solutions industry.

Matt Seldon
Matt Seldon
Matt Seldon, BSc., is an Editorial Associate with HSToday. He has over 20 years of experience in writing, social media, and analytics. Matt has a degree in Computer Studies from the University of South Wales in the UK. His diverse work experience includes positions at the Department for Work and Pensions and various responsibilities for a wide variety of companies in the private sector. He has been writing and editing various blogs and online content for promotional and educational purposes in his job roles since first entering the workplace. Matt has run various social media campaigns over his career on platforms including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn on topics surrounding promotion and education. His educational campaigns have been on topics including charity volunteering in the public sector and personal finance goals.

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