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British Police Launch Music Festival Security Campaign

Festival season is beginning in the U.K. and a British counter terror police campaign aims to help keep music lovers safe this summer. The #BeSafeBeSound digital campaign is part of Counter Terror Policing’s ‘Summer Security’ initiative. Created in 2017 following the terror attacks in both London and Manchester, ‘Summer Security’ has already delivered advice, best practice and training to thousands of festival workers, stadium stewards and security guards working at music and sporting events across the U.K.

While there is no intelligence to indicate an increased threat to festivals and live music events, the Senior National Coordinator for Protect and Prepare, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi, wants the public to familiarize themselves with the #BeSafeBeSound safety advice so they can play their part in keeping people safe.

That is also why Counter Terror Policing is working with UK Music – an industry-funded body representing the collective interests of the British music industry – to help reach the hundreds of thousands of people who will be attending live events this summer.

DAC D’Orsi says: “There are some huge festivals taking place in the coming months, and we want everyone to have a fantastic time. Whilst we want everyone to have fun watching their favourite artists, people’s safety and security remains the top priority for police and festival organisers.

“The purpose of #BeSafeBeSound is to ensure that everyone attending these events knows they have an important role to play in the wider security operation. Everyone can help make events safe and secure by familiarizing themselves with the #BeSafeBeSound advice, by reading our Run, Hide, Tell guidance and to be ready to act if they spot suspicious behaviour and activity. Don’t think you might be wasting anyone’s time, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If something doesn’t look or feel right it probably isn’t, so tell someone.”

Counter Terror Policing has issued the following advice for anyone attending an event this summer:

Please arrive early for extra security measures. This will help prevent delays in getting into the event.

Be patient with security checks and help the staff to help you. We know it is inconvenient but they are there to keep you safe.

It is essential that you do not bring unnecessary items to the event; this will help to speed up searches and your entry to the event.

If you spot someone acting suspiciously, report it to police or to security staff immediately: don’t leave it to someone else. #ActionCountersTerrorism

In an emergency, if you think there is an immediate risk, always call 999 and look around you for help from staff – especially those with radios who can raise the alarm quickly.

Don’t leave bags unattended or anywhere they could cause a security scare. And never agree to look after anyone else’s bags, no matter how plausible their story.

If there is an incident, listen to staff and any announcements. Organizers will have emergency plans to help you keep safe.

Remember, the chance of being caught in a terrorism incident is small. But if it happens – Run, Hide, Tell gov.uk/ACT

Read more at the National Police Chiefs Council

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