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CISA and EPA Water Have Unveiled a Water Sector Cybersecurity Toolkit

In recognition of the critical importance of a secure and resilient water and wastewater infrastructure, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have collaborated to develop a robust toolkit aimed at fortifying the cybersecurity posture of water and wastewater systems across the United States.

Every American relies on a continuous and safe supply of drinking water and effective wastewater treatment, making these systems integral to personal well-being and the seamless functioning of critical infrastructure sectors. The Water and Wastewater Sector has become increasingly dependent on the digital realm, employing technology for monitoring, operational processes, and customer communications. The convergence of these digital ecosystems has introduced new challenges, as any disruption could have far-reaching consequences for the communities served and broader critical infrastructure.

This newly unveiled toolkit serves as a comprehensive guide, consolidating key resources provided by CISA and EPA to counteract and mitigate the threats posed by malicious cyber actors targeting water and wastewater systems. CISA, with its technical prowess as the nation’s cyber defense agency, collaborates seamlessly with EPA, acting as the Sector Risk Management Agency and contributing extensive sector expertise and resources.

At the core of this toolkit is a wealth of resources catering to water and wastewater systems at various levels of cybersecurity maturity. For entities initiating their cybersecurity journey, the toolkit outlines fundamental cyber hygiene steps. These steps, designed to be basic, low-cost, or no-cost, constitute essential measures that every organization and individual should adopt to enhance their security posture. The toolkit serves as a guiding companion, assisting water and wastewater systems in constructing a robust cybersecurity foundation. It then facilitates the progression towards the implementation of advanced, intricate tools, empowering these systems to fortify their defenses and proactively thwart evolving threats.

Recognizing the persistent challenges faced by the Water and Wastewater Sector in cybersecurity and its multifaceted nature, CISA and EPA aim to equip sector stakeholders with resources to proactively assess vulnerabilities and implement effective solutions. The toolkit stands as a dynamic resource, periodically updated to incorporate new elements and address the evolving needs of the sector.

By providing this comprehensive cybersecurity toolkit, CISA and EPA reinforce their commitment to enhancing the resilience of water and wastewater systems, safeguarding the vital lifelines that support the nation’s health, economy, and critical infrastructure.

Click here to view additional details about this toolkit.

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