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DHS S&T Awards $1.14M in Drone, Data Privacy Contracts to University of Colorado and Galois, Inc.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Division has awarded the Regents of the University of Colorado and Galois, Inc., contracts worth a combined $1.15 million to enhance the department’s data privacy portfolio.

“Support for these initiatives demonstrates how S&T is fostering responsible innovation to protect the nation’s people, infrastructure and assets while also protecting privacy,” said S&T Physical and Cyber Security Division Director Mary McGinley in a statement.

The University of Colorado was awarded a $750,000 contract to develop the DronePD drone intrusion detection system to be a “cost-effective, passive and easy-to-use drone detection and tracking system solution to help manage privacy risk,” according to DHS.

Galois, Inc., of Portland, Ore., was awarded $399,900 to support the prototyped Framework for Information Disclosure with Ethical Security (FIDES) platform, which DHS describes as “a scalable, fine-grained, technical disclosure control system for datasets.”

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James Cullum
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