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U.S. Industry Dominates Counter-Drone Sector

The latest update to the Unmanned Airspace directory of counter-UAS technology shows the growing dominance of U.S. industry in this sector – especially in areas such as directed energy weapons research and deployment. Keep Reading

U.K. Police Get New Powers to Tackle Drone Misuse

The bill will give the police new stop and search powers around airports, prisons and other restricted areas. It will amend the Police Act 1997 to allow the police and senior prison authorities to authorize the use of counter-drone measures to combat illegal drone use. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

Urgent Need for Federal Role in Drone Detection at Airports

Most airports in the United States and Canada do not have a comprehensive plan to deal with errant unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)—whether careless, clueless, or criminal. Further, most airports do not have a plan for integrating compliant UAS operations either. Keep Reading

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