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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today

CBP Stats for FY 2021: 18 Percent More Female Migrants and Lowest Percentage of Mexican Nationals Ever

In FY2021, CBP processed approximately $2.8 trillion of imports, an increase of nearly 17 percent compared to the same period in Fiscal Year 2020.

CBP Expands Simplified Arrival to Four Ports of Entry in Washington State

CBP is committed to its privacy obligations and has taken steps to safeguard the privacy of all travelers.

Air and Marine Operations to Accept Delivery of Final 41-Foot SAFE Boat

AMO’s Vision and Strategy 2030 is to enhance and integrate business and resource functions across AMO.

DHS to Address Life, Safety, Environmental, and Remediation Requirements for Border Barrier Projects Previously Undertaken by DoD

The type of work that is required will vary by Sector and will be executed with available funding in priority locations identified by CBP. 

CBP Reports 10 Percent Increase in Border Crossers for November

Encounters of unaccompanied children increased 9%, with 13,959 encounters in November compared with 12,783 in October.

CBP Issues Withhold Release Order on Brightway Group

The International Labour Organization estimates that 25 million workers suffer under conditions of forced labor worldwide.

CBP and Carnival Cruise Line Introduce Facial Biometrics at Port of New Orleans

The enhanced arrival process using facial biometrics verifies the traveler’s identity within two seconds and is more than 98% accurate.

Coast Guard, CBP AMO, Border Patrol Stop 3 Human Smuggling Attempts, 100 People Detained Off Florida’s Coast

Those intercepted at sea are transferred or repatriated to their country of origin.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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