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CISA Releases Malware Analysis Reports on Barracuda Backdoors

CISA analyzed backdoor malware variants obtained from an organization that had been compromised by threat actors exploiting the vulnerability.

Cybersecurity Performance Goals: Sector-Specific Goals

As there are 16 Critical Infrastructure sectors with varying needs, CISA will be tackling this effort in several phases. The first four sectors CISA is working with include the Energy, Financial Services, IT, and Chemical Sectors.

CISA Chief of Contracting Office (COCO) to Host FY23 Joint Collaborative Environment (JCE) Industry Day

JCE will provide industry an overview of the program, its developing requirements, and request feedback on the draft technical capabilities that will be posted prior to the industry day.

CISA Releases Cybersecurity Advisory on Threat Actors Exploiting Citrix CVE-2023-3519

The webshell enabled the actors to perform discovery on the victim’s active directory (AD) and collect and exfiltrate AD data.

ESF Members NSA and CISA Publish Second Industry Paper on 5G Network Slicing

Today’s release builds upon threat and security considerations previously published by the ESF.

CISA Develops Factsheet for Free Tools for Cloud Environments

Organizations are encouraged to use the built-in security features from CSPs and to take advantage of free CISA- and partner-developed tools/applications to fill security gaps and complement existing security features.

CISA, Washington Commanders, and Local Partners Conduct Joint Exercise to Keep Fans and Athletes Safe

Participants discussed their roles, shared best practices, and improved coordination mechanisms to help keep the public safe during football games.

CISA and FBI Release Cybersecurity Advisory on Enhanced Monitoring to Detect APT Activity Targeting Outlook Online

Organizations that identify suspicious, anomalous activity should contact Microsoft for proceeding with mitigation actions due to the cloud-based infrastructure affected.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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