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Here’s What President Trump Wants to End the Government Shutdown

As the ongoing partial government shutdown continues to affect more than 800,000 federal workers, the White House and congressional leaders have yet to come to an agreement that will reopen the government.

What does the White House want?

According to a letter submitted to the House Appropriations Committee on Jan. 6, and obtained by Politico, Trump is asking for: 

  • $5.7 billion to construct a steel barrier along 234 miles of the border, an increase from the $1.3 billion approved by the Senate in the 115th Congress for border security including fence improvements.
  • $211 million to hire 750 additional Border Patrol agents, an increase of $100 million over the Senate bill.
  • $4.2 billion for detention beds for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an increase of $798 million from the Senate-approved bill.
  • $675 million for non-intrusive inspection technology on inbound lanes at southwest border land ports of entry, an increase of $631 million over the Fy2019 funding level approved by the Senate.

More Shutdown News: 

James Cullum
Multimedia journalist James Cullum has reported for over a decade to newspapers, magazines and websites in the D.C. metro area. He excels at finding order in chaotic environments, from slave liberations in South Sudan to the halls of the power in Washington, D.C.

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