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Derek Jones to Assume CEO Role at Valens Global

In a recent announcement, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, founder of Valens Global, shared the exciting news of Derek Jones stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer, effective May 10. Derek’s journey with Valens spans nearly five years, during which he progressed from Vice President to Chief Strategy Officer, showcasing his dedication and leadership within the company.

Before joining Valens, Derek had a distinguished 26-year career in the U.S. Army, where he served as a Green Beret, retired as a full-bird Colonel, and earned four master’s degrees, including from the prestigious School of Advanced Military Studies and the Army War College. Gartenstein-Ross expressed his confidence in Derek’s capabilities during the transition announcement:

“Derek joined Valens in 2019 and has propelled our journey in numerous ways. He currently heads our largest government contract, the Irregular Warfare Center.

Derek is a proven leader – in the military and here at Valens.

His prowess in developing and implementing strategic initiatives is unparalleled globally. I am confident that Derek will lead us with integrity, innovation, and a profound commitment to our shared goals.”

Derek’s contributions extend beyond his leadership role; he has produced groundbreaking scholarship on counter-network operations. His monograph on the form, function, and logic of clandestine cellular networks, published by the Joint Special Operations University, stands as a testament to his analytical depth.

Derek Jones, in his LinkedIn profile, reflects on his passion for helping organizations overcome strategic, operational, and organizational challenges, drawing on his extensive leadership and complex problem-solving experience gained as a U.S. Army Special Forces Green Beret. His leadership skills, honed in complex and high-risk environments, are complemented by a decade of real-world application of design thinking.

Key Highlights of Derek Jones’s Profile:

– **Strategic Leadership Skills:** Vision Casting, Decision Making, Risk Mitigation, Organizational Optimization, Empowering Teams, Change Agent, Coaching, Mentoring & Developing, Cross-Organization Collaboration, Strategic Communications, Stakeholder Relations, Negotiations, and Poise.

– **Design Thinking and Complex Problem-Solving Skills:** Understanding and Visualizing Complex Problems, Problem Framing, Strategic and Operational Planning, Execution, and Assessment, Risk Mitigation, Experimentation, Ideation.

– **Security Clearance:** TS/SCI with a CI Poly.

Derek’s ethos values people, challenge, initiative, collaboration, integrity, accountability, discipline, and smart work. As he assumes the role of CEO at Valens Global, his commitment to empowering diverse teams, fostering innovation, and bridging the gap between strategy and execution will undoubtedly drive the company’s continued success in addressing complex global challenges.

Matt Seldon
Matt Seldon
Matt Seldon, BSc., is an Editorial Associate with HSToday. He has over 20 years of experience in writing, social media, and analytics. Matt has a degree in Computer Studies from the University of South Wales in the UK. His diverse work experience includes positions at the Department for Work and Pensions and various responsibilities for a wide variety of companies in the private sector. He has been writing and editing various blogs and online content for promotional and educational purposes in his job roles since first entering the workplace. Matt has run various social media campaigns over his career on platforms including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn on topics surrounding promotion and education. His educational campaigns have been on topics including charity volunteering in the public sector and personal finance goals.

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