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TSA Seeks Input on Mobile Driver’s Licenses to Inform REAL ID Rulemaking

DHS and TSA are interested in mobile driver’s licenses because, compared to physical driver’s licenses, mobile driver’s licenses could provide greater security to TSA and all federal agencies verifying an individual’s identity, stronger privacy protections to individuals, and health and safety benefits to all users by enabling touchless identity verification. Keep Reading

Three Arrested Over Supply of Boats to People Smugglers

The arrests are all linked to an NCA investigation into the sourcing of rigid hull inflatable boats in the U.K. and Europe, which are then transported to the Netherlands for storage. The boats are allegedly then supplied to organized crime groups involved in smuggling people across the English Channel from northern France and Belgium. Keep Reading

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GAO: Border Security Improvement Plan Was Late and Incomplete

GAO found that the plan does not include many of the required elements, such as a detailed implementation schedule linked to services, program management capabilities, or life cycle cost estimates; and an estimate of planned obligation of funds for fiscal years 2019-2027. Keep Reading

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