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Maritime Diplomacy in the ASEAN Maritime Security Strategic Partnership

The concept of Dynamic Equilibrium in regional diplomacy refers to efforts to create a dynamic balance between the forces involved, where no power dominates absolutely.

The concept of Dynamic Equilibrium in regional diplomacy refers to efforts to create a dynamic balance between the forces involved, where no power dominates absolutely (Fan et al., 2022). In the context of Indonesia’s defense diplomacy, this concept describes efforts to maintain the stability of the ASEAN region through a balance of power, cooperation, and interdependence among countries. It also involves inviting major powers to participate in a cooperative framework to build an inclusive region. Thus, the Dynamic Equilibrium concept in regional diplomacy emphasizes the importance of balance, cooperation, and active participation of all parties to achieve stability and security in the region.

The Dynamic Equilibrium concept is a concept developed by former Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa to create a dynamic balance between countries in the Asia Pacific region, without a single dominant power. The concept aims to promote cooperation, dialog, and trust among countries in the region, and prevent conflict and tension. The concept also reflects Indonesia’s vision as a free and active country in its foreign policy (Ramsi et al., 2023). This concept is based on several principles, including no dominant country in a region, promoting neutrality or impartiality, acting as a balance finder or mediator in resolving conflicts, binding major global powers to contribute to stability and development in a region, prioritizing peaceful diplomacy and dialogue approaches to resolve a problem or conflict, creating a solid regional area by referring to a meaningful dynamic balance throughout the region, fostering mutual trust between conflicting countries, increasing cooperation between countries, finding win-win solutions for parties involved in conflicts, realizing the Code of Conduct (resolving conflicts with a code of ethics) (Santoso, 2018).

Indonesia has applied the Dynamic Equilibrium concept in several regional diplomacy issues, such as the resolution of the South China Sea conflict, ASEAN maritime security cooperation, and Indonesia’s involvement in regional and international forums, such as the East Asia Summit, ASEAN Regional Forum, and Indian Ocean Rim Association. This concept has also received recognition and support from other countries, both within and outside the region, as one of Indonesia’s contributions to regional peace and stability.

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