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// by Randolph H. Pherson

COLUMN: Moving Toward Constructive Solutions

Stop arguing about “facts” and reframe discussions around positive narratives. What narratives best describe how the United States can best move forward? Learn from the past but focus attention and energy on the future. Keep Reading

// by Clint Watts

Russia’s Disinformation Ecosystem: A Snapshot

Overlooked in the broad discussion about election interference efforts has been the payload delivered by the Kremlin’s disinformation machine—the messages Putin’s minions seek to disseminate inside America and where those messages are generated. Keep Reading

Do Researchers Have an Obligation to Report Dangerous Actors?

Given that many in the terrorism and violent extremism research community have voiced concerns about how extremist and dangerous actors have exploited social media and messaging platforms, it’s interesting to note that a clear majority of the respondents have not reported dangerous actors. Keep Reading

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