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MorphoTrak Appoints Former FBI Executive Officer in ODNI as Senior Director of Innovation

Scott Swann, who served as Special Assistant to the FBI Executive Assistant Director of the Science and Technology Branch has joined the company as...

DARPA Grants Logos Award to Develop Hybrid-Electric Military Motorcycle

From executing Special Forces missions to patrolling the border, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has big dreams for the Silent Hawk,...

New Cyber Service Investigates Behavior of Specific Threats

As complex operations become an increasingly frequent feature of contemporary cyber crime, Kaspersky Lab has launched an online service that brings together all...

Pro-ISIS ‘CyberCaliphate’ Hacks CENTCOM Twitter, YouTube Accounts; Experts Weigh in

Just about the same time that President Obama addressed the nation Monday regarding national cybersecurity efforts, the pro-ISIS hacker group called CyberCaliphate hacked the...

Senate Revives Terrorism Risk Insurance Program

The deadly Paris terrorist attacks on the offices of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo served as a grim reminder that terrorism has not abated, prompting...

Sen. Schumer Urges Tighter Screening for all Airport Workers

In the wake of the arrest of a Delta Airlines worker just weeks ago for involvement in a plot to smuggle 153 guns onto...

DHS Interoperable Solution Makes it Easier, Cheaper for First Responders to Communicate

The Radio Internet Protocol Communications Module (RIC-M) is a new low-cost interoperability solution developed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology...

DARPA Sets Sights On Agile UAVs

Military teams patrolling dangerous urban environments overseas and rescue teams responding to disasters such as earthquakes or floods currently rely on remotely piloted unmanned...
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Category Template – industry Homeland Security Today
Category Template – industry Homeland Security Today
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