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“Never forget” to “such loss again”

Never Forget…
For every generation of American, Never Forget is…
A promise to those who lost their lives on that tragic, historic day
A battle cry for those who continue to work to protect our nation’s citizens, assets, and way of life
A pledge and a thank you to the families who lost loved ones, to those suffering from the health effects of responding to 9/11, and to all of our citizens to work tirelessly to assure no one suffers such loss again.

As we considered our tribute to the 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001, we thought, what better than to ask our Editorial Board members, esteemed colleagues, and the leaders of our nation’s homeland security enterprise to provide us with a “State of our Union” – a look at where we are on critical areas of homeland: counterterrorism, physical and cyber security in infrastructure, information sharing and misinformation, border security and much more. And with it, a non-partisan, honest look at the policy questions facing us.

To the call came some of the best minds in America.  People who have had the experiences to share their thoughts and observations around the policy questions and practical challenges that continue to face us 20 years after 9/11.

Starting September 13, Homeland Security Today will share with you the State of our Union – from the practitioner, expert point of view.  We will cover everything from what is happening in the terrorist world to how we as a nation have grown to address challenges to our cyber infrastructure, our transportation systems, our financial systems, our energy supplies – all of the pieces that together keep our citizens safe, our economy running, and our freedom intact.

On September 17 we will look at how we are harnessing new technologies and innovations to shape our future and how we are continuing to help future generations understand the impacts on 9/11 on our nation’s culture and future.

We have partnered with the 9/11 museum to encourage all of you to Never Forget by donating to support educating our next generations and supporting the first responders and families of those we lost on 9/11. To the right you will see links to the 9/11 museum and the Feal Good Foundation, a non-profit fighting for the first responders and families of those impacted directly by the attacks.  We have also developed a Facebook profile frame that we encourage you to use and share to help us commemorate our past and together build a more secure future.

All of our pieces are from experts – chronicled in their bios – with the experience, perspective, and passion for protecting America from the next attack.  We thank all of them for their incredible efforts and their valuable time. 

Thank you for your support of Homeland Security Today and for your efforts to help us…Never Forget.

Category Template – 911 (2) Homeland Security Today

Kristina Tanasichuk
Executive Editor, Homeland Security Today

Category Template – 911 (2) Homeland Security Today
Category Template – 911 (2) Homeland Security Today

State of our Union