// by Kylie Bielby

What is DOD Doing to Mitigate the Challenges of Contested Mobility?

In a potential conflict, a hostile country could prevent the military from rapidly moving equipment and personnel. China and Russia are strengthening their militaries to neutralize U.S. strengths, including mobility—the ability of U.S. military airlift and air refueling aircraft and sealift ships to rapidly move equipment and personnel from the United States. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

OIG: Obsolete Technology Compromises Southern Border Security

CBP has deployed only about 28 percent of the surveillance and subterranean technology solutions planned, even after receiving more than $743 million in funding specifically targeted to fund the acquisition and deployment of technology to improve border security since fiscal year 2017. Keep Reading

Mayorkas Sets Out Steps to Elevate Cybersecurity

This week, Secretary Mayorkas will increase the required minimum spend on cybersecurity through FEMA grant awards.  To accelerate critical improvements in state and local cybersecurity, CISA will urgently evaluate and implement additional capabilities including potential new grant programs that will enable critical security investments. Keep Reading

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