// by Kylie Bielby

GAO Warns DOE on Electricity Grid Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Distribution systems are growing more vulnerable, in part because their industrial control systems increasingly allow remote access and connect to business networks. As a result, threat actors can use multiple techniques to access those systems and potentially disrupt operations.  Keep Reading

// by Sandra L. Stosz

Leading with Character: Honor

A model example of an executive who raised expectations for workplace conduct is Australian Army General David Morrison: “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” Keep Reading

// by Claire Zulkey

How the Capitol Protests Became a Security Breach

“When I saw the Capitol Police falling back, not securing those doors in any sort of effective way, it told me they weren’t prepared for what they faced,” says Francis X. Taylor, former DHS Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis. Keep Reading

// by Sandra L. Stosz

Leading with Character: Core Values

Although the constant failure had tested my resolve, it taught me a valuable lesson in humility. Hard work and perseverance helped me develop the confidence, tempered by the humility of prior failure, that I would later need to succeed at the Coast Guard Academy. Keep Reading

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